Survive In Place Review – Urban Survival Course

by Jack Keaton

Survive In Place Review – Everything You Should Know Before Buying The Survive In Place Course


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Survive In Place Review - Urban Survival Course Review

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Let’s imagine that you live in an urban or semi-urban area that has just suffered a major disaster or terrorist attack. Will you be able to escape the city? Will you be able to identify the best escape routes, and the potential “choke points”? What if disaster strikes and you are 10 miles away from your home and your family – will you know what to do? And what if you can’t escape the urban jungle? Will you know what to do to protect yourself and your family from roaming mobs of hungry looters? Will you know how to Survive In Place?

Survive In Place was created by David Morris, an Urban Survival expert. The Urban Survival Course was based on hundreds of hours of research and experience in REAL urban survival scenarios like East Berlin, Beirut, Argentina, Rwanda, Haiti, and New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina), to name just a few. This is real-world info from a real-life urban survival expert.

This Survive In Place Review will help you decide if this course is the right tool for you to use to create your family’s own survival plan.

Survive In Place Review – What Is It?

Survive In Place – Urban Survival Course is a full-blown 12-week Urban Survival course created by David Morris, a real-life urban survival expert. This isn’t just an ebook or other such nonsense. The course teaches you the best way to escape an urban setting in a disaster. And perhaps more importantly, what to do if you can’t escape it – because lets face it, most people will have to ride out major disasters in their homes if/when they can’t get out.

The course helps you to master several key survival techniques, such as (to name just a few of many):

  • How to create a bullet proof urban survival plan
  • Life-saving medical secrets
  • How to protect yourself and your family from mobs of hungry (and angry) looters.
  • How to safely navigate an urban landscape after a major disaster (it’s not as easy as you might think…)
  • How to reunite your family, even if your family members are scattered when the disaster strikes, and all the phone lines are down.
  • How to quickly and cheaply fortify your home from forcible entry and armed attack.

These are just a smidgen of the survival topics covered in this indepth the Survive In Place course, also known as Urban Survival: Survive Any Disaster Without Leaving Home. There are many, many more survival topics covered in the course that are equally as important. Visit David Morris’ official site for a complete list and details.

Survive In Place Review – The Good (Things To Like)

There are far too many things to like about David Morris’ Survive In Place than we have the space for in this brief review. But here are some of the highlights:

  • Comprehensive and realistic: The urban survival information contained in this course is complete, and the survival strategies and ideas are realistic for the average everyday person to execute.
  • Excellent tool to help you build a customized survival plan for your family. Most of us don’t have a complete and realistic survival plan in place. Survive In Place helps you create the perfect survival plan in a step-by-step, well organized fashion.
  • An excellent guide for teaching you how to protect your home from hostile invasion and burglary – how to cheaply fortify your home, but at the same time avoid looking like a “kook”.
  • Survive In Place drills down and focuses on small, specific tasks individually, allowing you to master Urban Survival without getting overwhelmed by the “Big Picture”.
  • The course has quality survival information on all kinds of disasters – terrorist attacks, floods, earthquakes, even solar flares!
  • Most survival guides tell you to “get out of town, head for the hills!” but they fail to address what happens if you CAN’T GET OUT!  This course teaches you how to escape from the town/city, and also how survive in an urban setting that you cannot escape.
  • The course comes with two valuable FREE bonuses on regaining online privacy and protecting yourself from identity theft.

Also, Survive In Place has a ridiculous amount of positive reviews – there are 81 of them just on the front page of their webpage. People absolutely rave about this survival course. Watch This Video For Details.

Survive In Place Review – The Bad and The Ugly

There are some hardcore survivalists that say this course is a little “tame” – as in PG-13. Some people might consider this a good thing. Others might think that it needs to be more “graphic” or “hardcore”. I personally just want the facts delivered professionally and concisely. I don’t need anything that is overly “graphic” or R-Rated. If you are looking for a very “graphic” survival guide, then this might not be for you.  Let’s just say that there won’t be roving bands of Liberals trying to get Survive In Place pulled from the market.

Survive In Place – Overall Thoughts

Overall, Survive In Place is an excellent urban survival guide.  Everybody should develop their own survival plan, customized to their specific situation. This course walks you through the survival planning process step-by-step, giving realistic advice, and leaves no stone unturned.

The Survive in Place course is especially good if you a really interested in home and family protection, like I am. If your family’s survival during and after a major disaster is important to you, then I recommend that you pick up a copy of this course.

And if you hurry, you can grab a discounted copy of the Survive In Place – Urban Survival: Survive Disaster Without Leaving Home course by clicking on the following link:

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