How To Learn Key Survival Skills for Cheap

by Jack Keaton

How To Learn Key Survival Skills for Dirt Cheap

 Statistics show that most people are woefully unprepared to survive even a small disaster. In fact, it is estimated that only 9% of people have done anything at all to prepare.

Learning survival skills really isn’t that hard, or time consuming…if you get good advice – advice that is timely, direct, to-the-point, and most importantly, affordable.

The Preppers Playbook - Cheap Key Survival Skills

The problem that you face is this:  Most of the survival guides on the market are INTENTIONALLY bloated. The authors and creators purposely pack it full of filler and crap.

Why? Simple – so they can charge you more money!

The bigger/thicker/longer a survival book or course is, the bigger it’s implied value.  A 200 page book seems more valuable than a 100 page book, so most people are willing to pay more for it, even if those extra 100 pages are nothing but garbage.

When it comes to pricing urban survival guides, size does matter…but it shouldn’t.  What SHOULD matter is the quality of the information in the guide, not the quantity.

What If You Could Learn Key Survival Skills For Pennies Per Page?

 If you want to learn survival skills without breaking the bank, you need to look for two things:

1. A survival guide or course that has NOT been intentially bloated – that has NOT had it’s size articifically inflated by loading it up with filler and junk so that it appears more valuable.

2. An urban survival guide that is priced well below the market – and preferably, one that is also on sale.

If you want to buy a decent urban survival guide, then you can plan on spending about $40-$50 on it – that is more or less the industry standard.

But if you look around carefully, you can sometimes find bargains – if you act quickly.

For example, as of today, you can grab The Prepper’s Playbook for just $7 (marked down from $47).  There could be other deals floating around out there as well – you just need to know where to look.

One Example of Survival Skills Training for Cheap

The Preppers Playbook - Cheap Key Survival SkillsThe Prepper’s Playbook is actually a great example of how to learn survival skills for cheap.

This survival guide is intentially NOT bloated – the author was very, very careful to weed out ALL filler, fluff, and similar crap, leaving just the core key survival tips and techniques.

Most survival guide books are a good 200 to 300 pages long (and as we discussed, most of that is nothing but junk – think magazine full of ads!) – the Prepper’s Playbook is just 49 pages long.

In those 49 pages you will find everything that you need to know to be fully prepared, including the most important survival skills.

You can readily digest this info in a little more than an hour (instead of wasting a whole day sifting through garbage), and you can begin to apply the tips, techniques, and strategies immediately.

This is by far the most efficient urban survival guide we’ve come across lately.

And it’s also the most COST efficient as well.

Right now (as of the date of this article), you can grab a copy for just $7that’s just 14 cents a page!  It is marked down from it’s normal $47 price tag, but we don’t know how long that price will last.

If you have more questions, we actually found a good review of The Prepper’s Playbook. But if you want it for 7 bucks, you need to act fast – usually 85% discounts don’t last very long.

There are many ways to learn survival skills – some are more efficient and faster than others, and some cost less than others.  The Prepper’s Playbook is about the most cost efficient and time efficient way to pick up key survival tips, strategies, and techniques that we have found anywhere.

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Jack Keaton

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