The Most Bad Ass Survival Knife Ever

by Jack Keaton

The Most Bad Ass Survival Knife Ever


We have found the most bad ass survival knife in the world.

Just how bad ass is it? Well… let’s put it this way:

Hawke's Hellion 2020 Survival Knife Most Bad Ass Survival Knife Ever.

If Chuck Norris and the Terminator had a baby, it would be born with this knife in its grubby little meat hooks.

This knife would make Crocodile Dundee hang his head in embarrassment.

Seriously, though, the Hawke’s Hellion 2020 survival knife is far and away the most bad ass survival knife¬†that you can get.

We wrote up a full review on this knife which you can read here: Hawke’s Hellion 2020 Survival Knife Review

Or, you can hurry and grab one for yourself here: CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR OWN

But you’d better hurry – there were only a few left the last time we looked.

Keep in mind that this ain’t your grandaddy’s swiss army knife – this is one bad ass knife, and should only be used by the most serious survival knife enthusiast.

Sincerely, and forever dedicated to keeping your ass from becoming grass,

Jack Keaton, your apocalypse survival guide advocate!

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