Best Survival Guide Book

by Jack Keaton

Best Survival Guide Book – Top 3 Countdown

If there’s one question we get asked all the time here at the Apocalypse Survival Guide, it is this:

“What is the best survival guide book?”

Our answer is always the same:  That depends on what you are looking for.

Most people, when asking about the best survival guide book, are looking for an urban survival guide, or a disaster survival guide, or an emergency preparedness guide.

Because the answer to this question varies by person, we decided to lay out the top 3 best survival books, in our opinion, based on your need – and in no particular order.

Best Survival Guide Book #1


Survive In Place Urban Survival

Survive In Place Urban Survival Course - Click here to see the new video!

Survive In Place – This Urban Survival Guide is geared towards urban survival, specifically if you are forced to survive where you are – and you cannot (or don’t want to) get the hell out of dodge.  This is perhaps the top survival guide book specifically related to urban survival.

The Survive In Place survival guide book is not technically a “book” – it is a digital product delivered electronically.  However, it is the cream of the crop of hard-core urban survival guides. And unless you live out in the boonies, there is a good chance that when disaster strikes, you aren’t going to be able to escape, and so will need to Survive In Place.

Click here to watch their free video on surviving urban disasters. Or you can even request a free survival mini course here.

Best Survival Guide Book #2

The Best Survival Guide - 40 Days and 40 Nights

The Best Survival Guide - 40 Days and 40 Nights

40 Days and 40 Nights – This survival guide isn’t a book, but a video course (which increases learning retention – a big plus in our book). This urban survival guide book that isn’t a book is geared specifically towards surviving for the first 40 days after disasters. It focuses on emergency or disaster preparedness, with a specific emphasis on surviving for the first few weeks.

As they like to point out in their free video, 91% of people aren’t prepared to survive even one week…and the average government response time is up to 40 days.

Just look at the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans to understand the importance of being prepared to survive on your own in the aftermath of a disaster.

Click here to watch their free video “How to Architect The Ultimate Disaster Preparedness Plan“.

Best Survival Guide Book #3


Survive Anything Review

Survival Guide Book - Survive Anything

Survive Anything – This survival guide book is exactly what is sounds like – a guide book geared towards teaching you what you need to know in order to survive virtually anything – disaster, invasion, war, disease, economic collapse – you name it, they are ready to teach you to survive it.

The Survive Anything survival guide book was written in part by a military veteran and a bona-fide survival expert – so it definitely has a military flavor to it – which some people like, and some don’t.

If you are looking for a survival guide book that you can hold and touch the pages in your hands, then this is the one for you.

Click here for more information on Survive Anything

These are just a few of the best urban survival guides on the market. But they are by no means the only survival guides you should have in your collection.

Here are a few other, more specialized survival guide books that are must-haves.

Survival Guide Book Must Haves:


170 Gallons A Day – A survival guide book geared specifically towards finding, cleaning, and purifying the single most valuable and important resource in all the world – water!

Click here for more information on 170 Gallons of Water.

Get Out Of Dodge – A survival guide book designed to teach you how to get the hell out of Dodge, when you absolutely have to leave immediately. Don’t find yourself stuck in the cluster you-know-what of uninformed “victims” stuck in jammed freeways and roadways.

Click here for more information on Get Out Of Dodge

Fastest Way to Prepare – This is a new video survival course, fresh on the market.  This survival course is designed to teach the uninformed how to get fully prepared in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Click here to watch the free video “Fastest Way to Prepare”

Survival training and emergency preparedness is a serious topic that is largely ignored in the main stream media, and by the majority of the world’s population.  But the ever-increasing disasters like Katrina and Japan are constant reminders of the importance of being prepared to survive.

And any survival guide book on this list will get you one step closer.

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Jack Keaton