Snow Disaster – Jaw Dropping Snow Disaster Video

by Jack Keaton

This snow disaster video was taken just yesterday, literally 5 minutes from my house. This wasn’t a major snowstorm – it only dumped, say, 9 inches of snow or so. But if this “snow disaster” caused this much calamity, what would have happened had the storm dumped, say, 3 feet of snow (which has happened). Or even 6 feet of snow (has happened, and will happen again).

Is your family ready to survive a major snow disaster?  Is your family ready to survive anything?

Just watch this snow disaster video. Starts out kind of slow, but keep watching until the very end.

My favorite part of this snow disaster video is when they camera man starts yelling at the guy (who is totally NOT dressed to survive a snow disaster) “Get Out Of The Road!”. And then when the car starts to veer towards the yard where the guy is running, its like “Get back INTO the road!” Funny stuff…

Anyway, this snow disaster video is a perfect example of who even a moderate weather situation can cause problems.  A MAJOR snow disaster could strand you and your family for days, weeks, or potentially even months. Are you ready to survive anything? Even a major snow disaster?

What would you do if a massive snow disaster left you and your family without power for weeks?  Or unable to travel to the store? What if you couldn’t get your car out of the garage because of a 9 foot snow drift? (or a flood, or an earthquaker or whatever), and one of your children or your wife had a major medical emergency, would you know what to do?

You must be ready to survive anything, including snow disasters and other natural disasters

You have to actively prepare yourself to survive a natural disaster. Otherwise, when they occur, your ignorance could cost your life, or worse, the life of someone you care about.

So you might be wondering right now how to prepare yourself to survive a natural disaster, such as a major snow disaster. I’m glad you asked.

First, you need to educate yourself on basic survival techniques and skills – read our Survive Anything Review for some important survival tips and techniques.

Next, you need to make sure that you have the best survival gear on hand, AND you MUST know how to use it!  Check out our survival gear checklist for the best survival gear ideas.

The fact is, natural disasters happen. This snow disaster video was more comedy than anything else. Sure, there was some property damage, but no one was hurt, and in a matter of hours the roads were clear. But add another foot of snow and it would have been much different.

Prepare yourself, and prepare your family to survive a natural disaster before they happen.

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