Lamplighter Society Newsletter Review

by Jack Keaton

Lamplighter Society Newsletter Review – What You Should Know Before Subscribing To The Lamplighter Society Newsletter

This Lamplighter Society Newsletter Review (also known as the Lamplighter Report) is provided courtesy of your friends here at the Apocalypse Survival Guide. To watch a free survival video by Lamplighter, and to subscribe to the Lamplighter Society Newsletter, click on this link.

Lamplighter Society Newsletter and 11 Free ReportsOne thing that you need to know about the Lamplighter Society newsletter is that your membership comes with 11 survival reports, each of which carry a value of $27 – that are complimentary with your membership.

Click on the link below to watch a free video introducing the Lamplighter Society newsletter plus the bonus reports.

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Again, when you use the link to get the Lamplighter Newsletter, if you hurry, it comes with a complete Survival Guide library worth $270 – a total of 11 very specialized survival guides, including the popular “Prepper’s Playbook” and “170 Gallons a Day”. Click on this link to watch the FREE survival video with more details about Lamplighter Society + 11 complimentary survival reports.

What is the Lamplighter Society, and Why Do They Publish A Newsletter?

Lamplighter Society Newsletter

In the bold tradition of Paul Revere, the Lamplighter Society is an organized group of Patriots, just like you, who are determined to know what to do when the time comes to act.

Most people today are not prepared to survive a major, or even a minor disaster on a global, national, or even local scale.

The Lamplighter Society’s mission is change that by creating a network of like-minded citizens who want to be prepared should the unthinkable happen.

This is a society of “survivors” who are determined to be prepared to keep their families, their friends, and anyone else they feel responsible to keep safe and protected.

The Lamplighter Society Newsletter provides members of the society with relevant, and, most importantly, CURRENT news, data, and survival strategies and “How-To’s”.

Click Here For More Info (9 minute video…Lamplighter Society info is near the end!)

Lamplighter Society Newsletter Review – What Is It?

The Lamplighter Society Newsletter is a printed newsletter focusing on Urban Survival that is distributed to members of the Society on a monthly basis.

The report is designed to give updated and current information on the many Survival Topics of interest to members, including an “Intel Report” on local, national, and global situations that are being monitored as potential threats.

Your subscription to the newsletter also includes complete access to the online member’s area where you can deepen your knowledge and preparedness, connect and swap ideas with other members, form alliances, etc.

Members also get access and info on “Off The Grid” books, videos, and sites that you would most likely never find on your own.

Long story short, the Lamplighter Society Newsletter is the premier Urban Survival monthly newsletter available on the market.

Lamplighter Society Newsletter Review – What You Will Like

Subscribers to the Lamplighter Society Newsletter enjoy many things that you will really like.

Lamplighter Society Newsletter and 11 Free ReportsFirst of all, this is a monthly publication – it’s not a static “book” or “course” that gets outdated over time. The Lamplighter Report is always current and relevant, which allows the Society Members to not only get up-to-date information on survival techniques and tips, the best survival gear, etc, but to also be up to speed on current situations across the world that could escalate into disasters. No other survival course or book that we have reviewed offers this benefit.

Second, the monthly newsletter is PRINTED and distributed as a hard copy report – this is not an electronic newsletter distributed by email.  You will get an actual hard copy in your mail box that you can hold in your hands. Why is this important?  Because that makes the Lamplighter Report “EMP Proof”. Even if you have no power and/or no computer, you will still have access to your printed reports.

Third, your subscription comes with complete access to the “Lamplighters” Online Members Area, where you can meet and mingle with other Society members, form alliances, swap intel, etc.

Fourth, it comes packed FULL of bonuses…at last count, $270 worth of bonuses!  You can’t beat that!

These are just a few of the benefits that you will like about the Lamplighter Society Newsletter. Your subscription offers much, much more – maybe most important, it offers the piece of mind knowing that you are prepared to be safe in the event of disaster.

Click Here For More Info (9 minute video…Lamplighter Society info is near the end!)

Lamplighter Society Newsletter Review – Things To Be Aware Of

The one big reason why some people shy away from subscribing to the Lamplighter Society Newsletter is simply the fact that this is a monthly subscription.

And because you get a printed newsletter every single month, you have to pay every single month. So you must be aware that you don’t just pay once, and get the report mailed to you for the rest of your life (anyone with Common Sense would already have figured that out).

However, the monthly cost is cheap (if you hurry and subscribe before the price goes up). In fact, we ran the numbers, and discovered that the daily cost of your subscription to the Lamplighter Society Newsletter is less than it costs to buy a candy bar!

Anyone who is serious about keeping themselves alive and their family safe won’t be scared off by the low cost of the subscription. But if you have just a casual interest, and you are not committed to increasing your level of preparedness and knowledge, then this newsletter might not be for you…

Lamplighter Society Newsletter Review – Overall Thoughts

Lamplighter Society Newsletter

Overall, the Lamplighter Society Newsletter is an excellent Urban Survival and Emergency Preparedness guide for anyone who is really serious about increasing their level of preparedness and survival knowledge. It’s probably not for the casual observer, as it is a monthly subscription.

But the information found in this newsletter is current, relevant, up to date, and very important. And the online members area is highly valuable as well.

We recommend that anyone who is serious about keeping themselves and their families safe in the event of disaster join the Lamplighter Society and subscribe to this newsletter.

And if you hurry, you can watch a free video, and get a discounted price on the newsletter by clicking on the following link:

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Jack Keaton – your Apocalypse Survival Guide advocate!

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