Emergency Tent Reviews

by Jack Keaton

Emergency Tent Reviews


Let’s face it – when the sh!t hits the fan, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to “bug out” for an extended period of time and you’ll find yourself living in an emergency tent.

And if that happens, then your Boy Scout Dome Tent just won’t do – that duct tape that you rigged to hold it together would disintegrate with the first rain drop.

You can have the best survival gear on the planet, but if you cannot provide yourself and your family with a high quality emergency tent for shelter, then you will all be maggot food.

Shelter is one of the basic components of life. But in a disaster scenario, its also one of the hardest things to provide.

This emergency tent review identifies the three highest rated portable survival shelters by your friends here at the Apocalypse Survival Guide.

Emergency Tent Review #1 – Assault Outfitter Tent Review by Eureka

Emergency Tent Review - Assault Survival Tent by Eureka Emergency Tent Review – Assault Survival Tent by Eureka

Eureka makes some of the best Emergency Tents available on the market today. It’s only fitting that the #1 rated emergency tent in this review be from the most established brand in the industry.

The Assault Outfitter tent is the ultimate emergency portable survival shelter, and was designed on Special Forces grade military specs – if its good enough for the boys in the Army Airborne Rangers, then its good enough for you!

The tent is easy to erect, and is designed to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at it.

This tent fits four people comfortably, is ultra-durable, and only weighs about 13 lbs!

You’ll be able to keep yourself and your family safe and sheltered in the Assault Outfitter Tent by Eureka – the ultimate emergency tent!

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Emergency Tent Review #2 – Exped Polaris Tent Review

Emergency Tent Review - Exped Polaris Tent Review Emergency Tent Review – Exped Polaris Tent Review

Falling just short of the #1 spot in this emergency tent review is the Exped Polaris Tent.

This tent looks more like a space ship than a portable emergency shelter – but don’t let the looks fool you – this light weight (5.4 lbs) beauty is ultra durable, compact, easy to erect, and sturdy – this thing might just make it through a hurricane!

The Exped Polaris Tent would be holding the #1 spot in this emergency tent review were it not for two little things: Price, and capacity.

This tent is more expensive that the Assault Outfitter tent – nearly double the price. And it only holds two people.

However, if money is no object, then there is no emergency tent that I’d rather have over my head than the Exped Polaris Tent, because this portable emergency shelter is sure to keep you from pushing daisies.

And if you hurry, you can grab this tent from Amazon before the price goes up again.

Emergency Tent Review #3 – EV 3 Tent – 3 Person Tent by Mountain Hardwear Review

Emergency Tent Review - EV 3 Tent by Mountain Hardwear Emergency Tent Review – EV 3 Tent by Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardware produces some of the best survival gear and equipment around. When it comes to an emergency tent, the EV 3 Tent by Mountain Hardwear survival tent is near the very top of the list.

Some of this emergency tent’s advantages are its capacity (3 people comfortably), and its weight (just over 7 pounds).

But this portable emergency survival shelter’s best feature is the quality of its construction – this tent has reinforced seams and joints, and is extra durable.

This tent is probably more durable than either the Assault Outfitter Tent (#1) or the Exped Polaris Tent (#2), and would be #1 on this list if it held just 1 more person, or was just a hair cheaper.

That said, out of the thousands of emergency tents available, to be #3 on this review list is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

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Emergency Tent Review – Final Thoughts

Your ultimate survival plan is only as good as the shelter that keeps you warm and dry. And once you actually need an emergency tent, its too late to start wondering which one you should buy.

This emergency tent review was designed to identify the top 3 survival tents based on 3 key criteria – capacity, price, and durability. Any of the three portable emergency shelter tents reviewed are excellent choices and will exponentially increase your odds of surviving a disaster

But these tents don’t do you any good sitting on the shelf at the store! Click on one of the following links to find out more about these tents, and to grab a nice discounted price (before they are sold out again)

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Click here for the Exped Polaris Tent

Click here for the EV 3 Tent by Mountain Hardwear


Jack Keaton, your Apocalypse Survival Guide Advocate!




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