When The Food Runs Out - Surviving The Coming

by Jack Keaton

The early warning signs of a flash food crash are already here. So have you thought about what you are going to do when the food runs out?

There is strong evidence that a major disruption in the food supply has already started.  If this intensifies, it will likely bring the country to its knees.

When this happens, most people will be caught completely unaware, and unprepared.

And the result: People Will Die

What Will You Do When The Food Runs Out?

When The Food Runs Out - Click Here NowHow prepared are you for a major food shortage?  Do you have any food storage?  How long will it last you?  Do you really have everything that you need?

Have you even spent 2 minutes over the past week thinking about what you will eat if can’t just go to the grocery store and pick up a bag of chips and some hot dogs?

The truth of the matter is that when the coming food crisis hits, the shelves at your grocery store will be completely bare within a matter of hours.

If you don’t already have enough of the right kinds of foods and other supplies, then you’ll be starving within a matter of days.

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Is There Any Evidence Of A Major Food Shortage?

There is mounting evidence of the coming food crisis. Consider the following:

  • Droughts and Freezes have wiped out much of the world-wide crops
  • Grain prices, milk prices, beef prices, and other basic food prices are skyrocketing
  • America’s obsessive “just in time” inventory management system means that if there is even a minor interruption, there are NO backup food inventory! (which means the store shelves will be completely EMPTY)

Surviving The Coming Food Crisis - When The Food Runs OutAll that it takes is a single failure point to bring the whole tenuous food system down.

Take corn for example.

Right now, farms in the Midwest are teetering on the brink of disaster because of a record drought that is thought to be the worst in decades.

Because of this, the price of corn just hit an all-time high. (and it doesn’t help that we are now using corn and other grains to make stupidly inefficient “green” fuels like Ethanol)

A recent report suggests that corn crops are rapidly disappearing – that’s not something we can just fix quickly or easily.

And the disruption of a single food item – corn in this case – can be the ‘single point of failure’ that will cause a massive chain reaction and bring down the food supply system.

For example, the lack of rain has reduced the crop yield and caused ethanol prices to rise, increasing the price of fuel.

Corn is also the major ingredient in all livestock feed – which means that if the price of corn rises, then so the price of meat and dairy products.

It also reduces the supply of corn syrup, which is in EVERYTHING – which strains the already shrinking food supply further.

At the minimum, food prices will rise and shortages are very likely, whether from economic reasons or disaster, or both.

Now That I Know The Food Shortage Price is Coming, How Do I Protect Myself?

If you are going to keep your family from starving to death after the coming food crisis, you need to follow these steps:

1. Have A Plan.  You would be amazed at how many people think that they can just “wing it” when the shit hits the fan. You need to have a sound, proven plan.

2. Know What Food You Can’t Live Without.  There are certain foods and other supplies that you simply MUST have (things that you wouldn’t normally think of), and there are many things that you simply don’t need – things that will just be a waste of money and space. You need to know the difference.

3. Know How To Store Your Supplies.  Having a well-stocked food larder won’t do you a damn bit of good if it all spoils before you need it!  Certain items need to be stored in certain ways. And also, you need to keep your food stock hidden and safe to avoid thieves.

It’s as simple as that – just three little steps.  Of course, you could do all the research and figure it out for yourself. OR, to fast track your preparedness, you can click here to leverage the knowledge, experience, and research of experts.

The Greatest Danger To Your Survival Is Doing Nothing

You and I both know the odds are that nothing will happen. Which is all fine and dandy until something actually does happen.

Surviving The Coming Food Crisis - When The Food Runs Out

Which is why every single time there is a major crisis, you will see the traumatized survivors interviewed afterwards saying they never thought it could happen to them.

They always wish they had done something to prepare.

I can’t speak for you, but as for me and my family, I would rather be prepared for things that never happen, than unprepared for things that DO.


When The Food Runs Out – Click Here for More Details

Hopelessly Devoted to Keeping You From Pushing Daisies,

Jack Keaton

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