Emergency Food Storage Checklist

by Jack Keaton

Emergency Food Storage Checklist

Emergency Food Storage Checklist

This is a detailed checklist of what you need in your emergency food storage. And having a deep and extensive food storage larder is the difference between making sure your family’s bellies are full, or watching them starve.

As a rule of thumb, you should have a minimum of a 12 months supply of food storage.

This is a good idea not just for emergency preparedness, but also for use in the event of a job loss or other personal economic calamity.

This emergency food storage checklist outlines the best of everything related to food storage.

Emergency Food Storage Checklist:  Bulk Food Storage

When people think about emergency food storage, usually the first thing that comes to mind is bulk food storage.  Big gray or white buckets each filled with many rations of food.

These bulk food storage products are the fastest and maybe the most economical way to build your emergency food storage. The packaging makes them easy to carry, transport, and store.

The following checklist outlines a few options to consider. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the link, then feel free to browse around:

The Ferrari (720 servings): Wise Company 720 Serving Package (120-Pounds, 6-Buckets)

The Cadillac (360 servings): 360 Serving Supply – 4 Month Survival Emergency Food Supply

The Corolla (200 servings): Emergency Food Storage Food Supply – 200 Servings

Emergency Food Storage Checklist:  Wheat Buckets and Wheat Grinders

electric wheat grinder

Electric Wheat Grinder

No emergency food storage larder is complete without wheat buckets.  And stored wheat buckets d0you no good without a wheat grinder.  Wheat is the world’s basic staple food, and a few buckets of wheat can keep you alive and kicking for a long time.

Plus, home made bread made from freshly ground wheat is delicious (and healthy too). I know this because my wife grinds her own wheat and makes her own bread!  (and, like I said, it’s delicious!)

Here are some options of wheat buckets and storage, and also the wheat grinders that you will need for preparation:

The Ferrari (individual): Harveston Farms Hard White Wheat 6 Gallon Bucket

The Ferrari 6-pack!: Harveston Farms Hard White Wheat 6 Gallon Food Bucket (6 Pack)

The Cadillac: Organic Hard Red Wheat Seed- 35 Lbs

The Corolla: Hard White Wheat – Organic – 35 Lbs. Resealable Bucket – High Protein – Perfect for Food Storage, Flour, Baking, Sprouting & More

Electric Wheat Grinder (This is what my wife uses – believe me, you need this!): Blendtec 52-601-FLP Kitchen Mill, White

Hand Powered Wheat Grinder (for when the power goes out): Victorio VKP1012 Hand Operated Grain Mill

Emergency Food Storage Checklist: Miscellaneous Food Storage Items

An emergency food storage checklist of other random items that will come in handy:

Emergency Food Storage Guide: Emergency Preparedness and More A Manual on Food Storage and Survival

Oxygen Absorbers: 50 – 300cc Oxygen Absorbers for Dried Dehydrated Food and Emergency Long Term Food Storage

Storage Bags: 10 – 5 Gallon (18″x28″ 5mil) ZIPLOCK Mylar Bags

The Water Bob (this is awesome): waterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage

Natural Food Dehydrator: Food Dehydrator – Hanging Food Pantry Dehydration System – Non-Electric, Environmentally Friendly, Natural Way To Dry Foods, Fruit, Vegetables, Jerky & More. 5-Tray Dehydrator

Whey Milk: Emergency Food Supply Whey Milk

Emergency Drinking Water: Aqua Blox 5-Year Shelf-Life Emergency Drinking Water, 8.45-Ounce Tetra Pack (Pack of 27)

Water Storage Barrels: 55-Gallon Barrel Combo

Water Barrel Siphon: Siphon Pump

Emergency Food Storage Checklist: Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve found this emergency food storage checklist to be helpful, and that you will take food storage seriously.

There can be no worse feeling in the world than having your children look at you with hungry eyes and knowing that you have nothing to feed them…because you failed to prepare!

Fiercely dedicated to keeping your family from starving,

Jack Keaton, your Apocalypse Survival Guide advocate!