Best Survival Knife Top 10 List

by Jack Keaton


The Best Survival Knife – Top 10 List

When it comes to selecting the best survival knife, there is a lot to be considered.

As we compiled this list of the top 10 best survival knives, the main evaluation categories were durability, quality, utility, and affordability or value.

The result is the following checklist – which will help you to pick the best survival knife for your needs.

Top 10 Best Survival Knives:

Best Survival Knife #10

Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife – The first best survival knife on our checklist is from a name you know, but probable don’t associate with survival knives. But the Smith & Wesson survival knife is very affordable, and is adequately durable for most uses. A  good choice for a first time survival knife buyer. While it’s not THE best survival knife, it did make our top 10 list.


Best Survival Knife #9

Elite Forces Survival Bowie Knife – The next best survival knife on our top 10 list blends good quality with outstanding affordability.  This survival knife is even less expensive than #10, but is equally as durable.  Another good choice for a beginner’s survival knife.

Best Survival Knife #8

Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge – Anyone involved in the Survival community knows the name Bear Grylls.  So it should be no surprise that a survival knife bearing his name should make this list. Not as affordable as best survival knife #9, it makes up for it with a higher level of quality.

Best Survival Knife #7

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corp Fighting Knife – If a survival knife is good enough for the United State Marine Corp, then it’s probably good enough for you too. Plus, no list identifying the best survival knife is complete without an entry from Ka-Bar.

Best Survival Knife #6

Fox Predator I Tanto 1/3 Serration 135mm High Resistant Forprene Handle Include Sheath – Among the best survival knives in the world, this Fox Predator knife features outstanding design, rigid durability and quality, and just looks bad ass too.  The only thing keeping it out of the best survival knife top 5 is price – at nearly $200 it is a little spendy.

Best Survival Knife #5

New – Ka-Bar D2 Fixed Serrated-KB/Eagle Sheath – 2-1281-9 – The second entry from the Ka-Bar family is their top-of-the-line survival knife. Quality of construction, durability, design, and affordability force us to include this piece in the best survival knife top 5. Plus, you can never go wrong with a Ka-Bar.

Best Survival Knife #4

Tops Knives M4X01 M4X Punisher Fixed Blade Survival Knife – Looking more like a machete than a survival knife, this entry to the best survival knife top 10 list from TOPS is one of the most well-made survival knives on the market, and its unique design gives is among the highest utility.  Also, it might be the single most intimidating survival knife on our list.

Best Survival Knife #3

Ontario ASEK-AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife – As we near the top of our best survival knife top 10 list, there really isn’t much separating these knives.  They all boast outstanding quality of construction and durability. The question at this point comes down to a question of style and design (and thereby the knife’s utility).  This Ontario knife might just be the best survival knife for you.

Best Survival Knife #2

Gerber 06995 Silver Trident Sheath Knife with Double Serration Edge – From the famed “Gerber” line of survival knives comes the runner-up in our quest to identify the best survival knife.  This entry from Gerber is unsurpassed in quality of construction.  The only thing separating it from the #1 survival knife on our list is the design. An excellent choice – especially if you need a relatively small survival knife.


Best Survival Knife #1

Cold Steel San Mai Recon Scout – When it comes to the highest quality knives on the market, Cold Steel is the recognized leader.  The top knife on our list isn’t for everybody. It has a high price tag (over $200), but if you can afford it, this is the best survival knife that you’ll find anywhere. The Cold Steel San Mai Recon Scout is a man’s man knife.  At 12.5 inches, it’s not a small knife…but it can still be easily wielded.  Word of warning – this knife is so hardcore, you might not even be able to buy it (depending on where you live).

cold steel scout recon the best survival knife

Best Survival Knife – Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying your best survival knife, it’s important to keep something in mind:  you get what you pay for.

The knives at the beginning of this list are excellent choices for occasional and/or light use.  If you are going to be using your knife a lot, treating it like the survival tool it was meant to be, then we strongly urge you to make your choice based on quality and utility, rather than on price.

When it comes to picking the best survival knife, this is the best advice we can give.

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Jack Keaton, your Apocalypse Survival Guide guru


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