Best Survival Books – 3 Survival Books That You Must Have

by Jack Keaton

Best Survival Books – Three Survival Books That Must Be In Your Personal Library

If you are even an amateur survivalist, then no doubt you have started compiling your survival book library.

There are a lot of good survival books available out there, but very few that we would call among the best survival books or guides.

It’s hard to pinpoint just one best survival book, but here is a list of three survival books that should be in your library.

Best Survival Books – #1

Survive Anything Review

Survive Anything - One Of The Best Survival Books

Survive Anything – The Survive Anything survival guide is a full-blown emergency preparedness course designed to instruct even the biggest couch potato and city slicker on exactly what they need to know and do to survive a major catastrophe.

The book was written by a military vet and a bona-fide survival expert – the kind of person you really should listen to if you want to keep from pushing daisies.

This is a very complete and top-view survival book, making it among the very best, and one that should be on your shelf, without question.



Best Survival Books – #2

170 Gallons A Day - The Most Important Survival Book?

170 Gallons a Day – Officially called a “report” and not a book, this could very well be the most important, if not the very best survival book you can buy.

This survival book teaches you tried and proven methods that you can use to make sure you have access to the most important resource in any survival scenario – clean, pure water.

Your body needs drinkable water – lots and lots of water. In fact, go 72 hours without water, and you will die.

But after a disaster or invasion, pure, clean drinking water is always in short supply – if it can be found at all.  The fact is, you’ll most likely need to know how to process your own drinking water if you’re going to stay alive.


Best Survival Books – #3

Get Out Of Dodge - One Of The Best Survival Books - And Just $7 Too!

Get Out Of Dodge –  If you were forced to evacuate from a large urban or even suburban area, along with millions of other people, would you know how to get out?  What if the roads were clogged and impassable?

The fact is, when you are told to evacuate, it is for a very good (and usually deadly) reason.  And if you can’t get out of Dodge?  Well…let’s just hope that never happens to you.

For this reason Get Out Of Dodge is one of the best survival books, and a most important addition to your collection (and best of all, it’s dirt cheap – just $7 if you act fast)


Best Survival Books – Final Thoughts

This list of three of the best survival books wasn’t meant to be an all encompassing list of every survival book you will need in your library. Rather, it was an attempt to identify 3 of the most crucial survival guides – all of which you’ve probably never heard of.

Take some time to research each of these three of the best survival books, and then decide if the information is useful and relevant to you.

Hopelessly Devoted to Keeping You From Catching A Small Case Of Death,

Jack Keaton, Your Apocalypse Survival Guide advocate!