Top 10 Apocalypse Survival Movies of All Time

by Jack Keaton

Top 10 Apocalypse Survival Movies of All Time

Here at the Apocalypse Survival Guide, there is very little that gets our juices flowing like watching a good apocalypse/post-apocalyptic disaster or invasion survival movie.

So in an effort to try to warp you into our own image, we have taken it upon ourselves to tell you what your top 10 favorite apocalypse survival movies should be…in no particular order. As long as they are in this particular order.

So grab yourself a copy of all 10 of these movies, and make a weekend out of it. (If nothing else, it’s a good way to test out the battery back-up in your emergency shelter…)

Top 10 Apocalypse Survival Movies of All Time!

#10 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

12 Monkeys – My favorite Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis characters of all time – who says that Pitt can’t do “bat-shit crazy” – we’ve seen it a few times now.

#9 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

Armageddon – Who doesn’t love the idea of blue collar rough necks saving the world?  And that Liv Tyler doesn’t hurt to look at either.

#8 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

28 Days Later – Of course, a zombie flick had to make this list – and you will never convince me that this movie wasn’t the inspiration behind The Walking Dead!

#7 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

War of the Worlds – the new one – the old was sucks.

#6 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

The Book Of Eli – Makes me want to learn to read braille as part of my apocalypse survival training.

#5 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

A Boy & His Dog – You may not have ever heard of this post-apocalypse movie…and it’s time to rectify that problem.  Too small to be called a “cult classic”, but high on our list nonetheless.

#4 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

I Am Legend – Good movie, great concept/idea – and an even better book! Seriously, read the book. At the very least, you’ll finally come to understand why it’s called “I Am Legend” (it’s not what you think)

#3 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) – Tell me that when you first think of the best apocalypse movies, that this isn’t the first one that you think of. MUCH better than the first one, that looks like it’s set in everyday rural America.

#2 Apocalypse Survival Movie:

The Road – While most post-apocalyptic movies try to entertain, this one tackles truly somber topics. I believe that this movie may be the most realistic of all apocalypse survival movies.


And the #1 Apocalypse Survival Movie of All Time Is….



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