More evidence that the Apocalypse is near at hand: Increasing Rate and Severity of Natural Disasters We are all at least vaguely aware that the rate and severity of natural disasters has seemingly accelerated. Some wonder if this perception is nothing more than increased exposure and exaggeration of natural disasters, fueled by the explosion of 24-7 media […]

Urban Survival Guide Video: “Fastest Way To Prepare” Did you know that less than 9 out of 100 people are prepared to survive even just a small a disaster? This terrifying statistic keeps me up at night – and if you are in the 91% “easy meat” category, then it should keep you up as […]

Top Survival Knife – A Countdown of the 10 Best Survival Knives Perhaps the most important piece of survival gear in your arsenal is a high-quality survival knife. Your knife will get used constantly, and for a variety of uses.  You will use it not only as a knife, but also as a saw, hammer, […]

New Survival Video – Fastest Way To Prepare Survival Video We recently found a new survival video that must be watched by every serious survival enthusiast. This video – The Fastest Way To Prepare – was created by David Morris, a renowned survival expert, and it explains how to become fully prepared for a disaster […]

Best Survival Guide Book

by Jack Keaton

Best Survival Guide Book – Top 3 Countdown If there’s one question we get asked all the time here at the Apocalypse Survival Guide, it is this: “What is the best survival guide book?” Our answer is always the same:  That depends on what you are looking for. Most people, when asking about the best […]

Best Survival Guide Top 5 Countdown…   What is the best survival guide?  This is a question that we get asked all the time here at the Apocalypse Survival Guide. Shocking, I know. But hey, we are used to it. Rather than launching into a lecture on the pros and cons of each of the […]

How To Survive A Disaster – A Disaster Survival Guide The recent raging wildfires in Colorado and Utah, combined with the not-too-long-ago flooding, earthquakes, nuclear disasters, etc, highlight one cold hard fact: Disasters happen. Whether you are ready for them or not. No one can predict when disaster will strike. One could happen in your […]

Best Survival Books – Three Survival Books That Must Be In Your Personal Library If you are even an amateur survivalist, then no doubt you have started compiling your survival book library. There are a lot of good survival books available out there, but very few that we would call among the best survival books […]

Emergency Water Purification – How To Easily and Quickly Purify Any Water Disaster just struck. You have been forced to flee from your home.  You could only bring what you could carry on your back. Your last water bottle just ran dry. The clock is ticking – you only have 72 hours. If you don’t […]

  The Best Survival Knife – Top 10 List When it comes to selecting the best survival knife, there is a lot to be considered. As we compiled this list of the top 10 best survival knives, the main evaluation categories were durability, quality, utility, and affordability or value. The result is the following checklist […]