The Apocalypse Survival Guide

The Apocalypse Survival Guide


Hello, friend, and welcome to the Apocalypse Survival Guide. My name is Jack Keaton, and my ultimate goal is to give you ALL of the information that you need to survive the apocalypse.

But the truth of the matter is that only 9% of you have done ANYTHING to prepare for apocalypse survival – meaning that 91% of you have done NOTHING.

So when the apocalypse comes, whether in the form of natural disaster, foreign invasion, or the collapse of society, 91% of you will be part of the problem.

Well, if I have anything to say about it, every visitor to this website will be among the less-than 9% who are not just prepared to survive the apocalypse, but who are ready to THRIVE.

“OK, I’ve Found the Apocalypse Survival Guide – Now What?”

Finding the Apocalypse Survival Guide is only the beginning. Now, the real work begins. So where do you start?

First things first, we recommend that you take a few minutes to watch “How To Architect The Ultimate Preparedness Plan” (don’t worry, the video will open in a new window – you won’t lose your place on the Apocalypse Survival Guide!)

how to architect the ultimate preparedness plan






After watching the video and carefully considering what you see and hear, you should do some more browsing around the Apocalypse Survival Guide site.

We have compiled many different resources for you to utilize as you prepare for apocalypse survival, including:

– Detailed survival guide reviews – reviews of the very best urban survival guides that money can buy. Click here for urban survival guide reviews.

– Checklist of the best survival gear – detailed checklists of exactly what survival gear that you will need to survive the apocalypse. Click here for details on the best survival gear.

– Read our Disaster Survival Guide – a very thorough document explaining exactly how to survive a disaster. Click here for details on the disaster survival guide.

– Identification of the best survival knife – the top 10 survival knives are discussed. Click here for details.

– Read our articles and reviews for specific apocalypse survival related articles, reviews of important survival gear or survival tips – such as how to purify water, the best survival books, an emergency food storage checklist, a GPS navigator review, and a survival knife review, just to name a few. Click here to see our articles and reviews.

Ultimately, whether or not you survive the apocalypse is entirely up to you. Finding the Apocalypse Survival Guide was the first step.

Now that you are here, take the time to go through each of the topics listed above, to read our articles, and watch all the videos we refer you to.

And as you go through this information, ask yourself this question:

The apocalypse is coming…will you survive?

When disaster happens, your family will be looking at YOU for protection and for guidance – are you ready to lead them, to keep them safe?

What if an earthquake or a tornado or a flood decimates your town? What if your homeland is invaded? What if your government collapses, and society melts down into anarchy?

What if you have to abandon your home on a moment’s and flee – will you know what to do? Where to go? How to survive? Do you have the know-how, and the tools, and the resources that you and your family will need to stay alive?

There are many different survival situations that you must be prepared for. Your family will be looking directly to YOU in the event of disaster.  It’s up to YOU to know how to survive.

But the cold hard fact is this: 91% of Americans are not adequately prepared to survive even a relatively minor catastrophe. The goal of the Apocalypse Survival Guide is to change that very disturbing statistic.

The question is, are you ready and willing to do what is necessary to join the ranks of the 9%?

The Apocalypse Survival Guide is your ultimate urban survival guide

In the Apocalypse Survival Guide, you will discover the survival tools, survival tips, and survival strategies that you will need should the unthinkable happen.

You will be ready for any natural disaster.  You will be ready for an invasion. You will be ready for a complete government collapse, economic melt down, and anarchy. You will know how to react on a moment’s notice in the event of any emergency.

The fact is that disaster is going to strike. The only questions are when, and will you be ready? Within the Apocalypse Survival Guide, you will find everything that you need to prepare yourself and your family to survive.

So What Should You Do To Prepare To Survive The Apocalypse?

Per the Apocalypse Survival Guide, the very first thing you MUST do is assess your preparedness level, and determine if you’re ready to survive for the first 30-40 days after a disaster, government collapse, or invasion.

The sad truth is the average government response time to disaster is 40 days.  How ready are YOU to keep yourself and your family sheltered, fed, and protected? Most people are not.

To assess your readiness level, and to discover how you can architect your own 40-day preparedness plan RIGHT NOW, just CLICK HERE lamplighterbig

After watching the apocalypse survival guide video, its time to expand your survival knowledge and skills.

The Apocalypse Survival Guide provides indepth reviews of some of the most complete and thorough urban survival guides, books, and courses available anywhere.

Read our urban survival guide reviews to find the best courses, books, and newsletters to help you enhance your survival knowledge.

Check into our survival gear checklist to make sure that you have all the best survival gear that you will need to keep yourself from becoming maggot food.

Read our many survival articles and reviews to keep yourself up to speed on the latest survival-related developments.

The Apocalypse Survival Guide gives you direction – but it’s up to you to prepare!

Don’t just use this apocalypse survival site only as a guide – put the tools you will find on this site to use. Educated yourself on survival. Prepare yourself for disaster. Be ready to lead your family to safety. Have on hand the best survival gear that you will need to stay alive.

Only the most essential survival tools and resources are reviewed on this site.  We don’t waste your time with stuff that you just don’t need. So pay attention to what you discover on this site.

And remember, if you fail to prepare, you will not survive. It won’t be the “strong” that live through the apocalypse – only those who are PREPARED will survive!


Jack Keaton, your Apocalypse Survival Guide advocate!

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